My Story

Where I started:

I began my athletic career in high school playing football and Wrestling in the Greater Kansas City Area of the United States. I excelled predominantly in Wrestling placing 3rd in Kansas 6A State Championships after only competing for 3 years while attending Shawnee Mission South in Overland Park Kansas. After Highschool I attended Rockhurst University where I received my Bachelor’s in economics and my Master’s in Business Administration. While pursuing my Master’s, I began training and competing in Amateur Mixed Martial Arts under Title Boxing Club in Kansas City and later American Top Team KC and Glory MMA. As an amateur I went 11-0 in Mixed Martial Arts and was the 2nd Ranked Lightweight Amateur in nation in 2010 according to the ISCF. Due to Injury I took 3 years off from the sport in which I began my career as a trainer at Title Boxing Club in Kansas City where I was certified in Boxing Fitness under Title Boxing Club.


In 2014 I decided to return to Mixed Martial Arts as a Pro featherweight where I have since gone 5-0 as a Professional Mixed Martial Artist. I have also received my jiu jitsu blue belt under Nova Uniao Black Belt, Brazilian National Champion and Canadian National Champion Igor Mocaiber. Many years of training with some of the best athletes in the Mid Western United States and coming back from multiple injuries has taught me the importance of an overall balanced fitness regimen. I have both experienced and taught others the benefits of using boxing and other martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu as part of an overall fitness journey that attains more than just aesthetics as a goal. True health comes from a mutual growth of not only the body and muscles, but the mind as well. It has been a true blessing to share my knowledge and love of fitness with so many people ranging from kids as young as 6 years old to adults of all ages.

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