Brendan Schaub on Joe Rogan's & Jeff Novitzky's podcast

1 January 2019

In this video, we get a clip from BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub. The full video is - Paige VanZant & UFC 232 Recap | Jones vs. Gustafsson 2 | Ep. 113 Podcast | BELOW THE BELT , were Brendan Schaub talks Jeff Novitzky (the Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance for the UFC) and Joe Rogan. Brendan Schaub talks about Joe Rogan and Jeff Novitzky's podcast. Joe Rogan sat down to talk to Jeff Novitzky, about all of the controversy surrounding Jon Jones testing positive for PED's and turonibols. Brendan Schaub talks about how the podcast wasn't genuine, and how Rogan and Novitzky weren't really telling the truth about Jon Jone's and the UFC's situation. Its Brendan Schaub on Jon Jones testing positive for Turinabol.

Summary of the last week - Novitzky explains that a urine sample collected from Jon Jones’ test earlier this year came back positive for a long term metabolite, which was the same substance Jones was sanctioned for in July of 2017. Novitzky details that this was not a re-ingestion of the substance, but rather it was the remaining effects from the 2017 test. Novitzky adds that they took this issue to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and says they understood the issue, but because of the holidays there wasn’t enough time to fully handle the situation. He then details the UFC's decision to take the issue to the state of California, which is where they were able to grant Jones a license to fight. (1:56) Dana and Jeff stress that this is not another positive test from Jones, just remaining effects from the 2017 test. (4:10) Dana explains what this means for the other fights on the UFC 232 card, saying he is going to do everything he can to make the transition as smooth as possible. (5:09) Dana says that fans who bought tickets in Las Vegas will be fully refunded and tickets for Los Angeles will go on sale on Wednesday December 26th.