The Anatomy of Henry Cejudo: Vlog Series - Chapter One (Analyzing Dillashaw vs Garbrandt)

15 January 2019

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Anatomy of a Fighter

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Happy 2019 my AOF Army, as we return this week with an amazing series of Anatomy of a Fighter... Here is an amazing All-Access look into the life of UFC Flyweight Champion, Henry Cejudo and his team over at Neuro Force One, as they prepared a few weeks before the biggest fight of his MMA career facing UFC Bantamweight Champion T.J. Dillashaw in a champ vs champ main event on the first UFC ESPN CARD. The Anatomy of Allen Crowder debuts tomorrow...... I will have content being released all week.. Stay Tuned for new episodes all week right up until the fight... Thank you guys for an amazing 2018 and the support you gave AOF.. Back to Editing!!!!