The UFC gave Werdum an offer to be a snitch for USADA! (Brendan Schaub UFC podcast)

10 January 2019

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In this video, we get a clip from BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub. The full video is - Conor McGregor, Jones vs Anthony & Garbrandt's Return | Ep. 114 Podcast | BELOW THE BELT, were Brendan Schaub talks about Fabricio Werdum's positive drug test, and the offer the UFC and USADA gave him. Brendan Schaub talks about how the UFC and USADA gave Werdum an offer to be a snitch, to help catch cheaters competing in the MMA and the UFC. Its known that the UFC, Dana White, and Jeff Novitzky have done nearly everything they can to catch cheaters in the UFC, and now they even have MMA fighters, helping them keep the sport clean.

Whole summary of the situation -
Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum currently is serving a two-year suspension handed down by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency earlier this month.
Werdum (23-8-1 MMA, 11-5 UFC) tested positive for the steroid trenbolone and its metabolite epitrenbolone in an out-of-competition test in April. His suspension is retroactive to May 22, meaning he will be eligible to return in May 2020.
But another USADA story has been a bigger part of the MMA news cycle of late, and that’s Jon Jones’ impending return after getting a 15-month suspension that was retroactive to July 2017. And part of that news was that Jones’ suspension was reduced when he agreed to help USADA with “delivery of substantial assistance” – in other words, give USADA information on someone else’s anti-doping violation.
“What surprised me the most was at the end of the interview, it was something that I found absurd,” Werdum told Combate. “They said, ‘Werdum, here’s the thing: If you tell on someone …’ It was what you could call ‘delacao premiada’ (plea bargain). ‘Werdum, if you tell on someone’ – using the slang, if you’re a snitch – ‘we’ll shorten your suspension. Because you’re going to have to pay something. Even if we find the substance in any of the products we test, even if we find it, you’ll have to pay something.’
“… For the guy to make me an offer like that, to snitch on someone, that goes against my principles. I can’t tell on someone. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t do it. How am I going to snitch on someone to make it better for me, to lower my suspension or whatever?”
Werdum said his interview with USADA was a five-hour ordeal at a hotel in Denver. He said he flew from Los Angeles, and USADA representatives flew from New York.

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